Covered Porch Addition
Here’s one of our clients who had an existing open deck over his office where he was having a roof leak. First, we sealed on top of the flat roof of the office with a commercial grade 2200 silicone sealant. Then, we were able to preserve the shell of the deck in order to save our customer money.

From there, we added to his open deck and tied in to his roof line. This provided a new gabled roof for a screened in porch addition. After that, we relocated his stairs for better access to the pool and tied in a brick staircase on the side of the house. This left two open deck walkways on both sides of the screened in addition for ease of access.

Aesthetically, we added in new floodlights, an outdoor fan with light, two aluminum screen doors and bead-board to accent the ceiling. Finally, we painted all brick and bead-board with exterior paint and stained the entire deck with professional grade products.

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